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Who We Are...

We are eightspace. A furniture and interiors company servicing the educational and commercial sectors. We work together as a close knit team valuing our family heritage and promoting mutual support.

Our Vision...

For learning and working environments to be inspiring and practical and to enhance education, performance and staff well-being.

Our Mission...

To work as a trusted partner with our Clients using our expertise and creativity in the workplace and educational interiors sectors, we will create vibrant & productive learning and working environments.

Our Values...

  • Respect; for other persons, their property and feelings.
  • Integrity; Honesty, truthfulness and loyalty.
  • Diligence; hard work and time-keeping.
  • Professionalism; dress, demeanour and language.
  • Continual improvement; better not bigger.

Our Divisions

Pinnacle Furniture is dedicated to providing innovative furniture and refurbishment solutions for education. We design and deliver projects in all learning areas including Classrooms, Science Laboratories, Technology, IT Suites, Libraries, Washrooms and 6th Forms.

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Our Story

We set out on a mission to improve learning and office spaces and bring them to life. We’re now regarded as experts, but how did we reach where we are? Take a look at our timeline to see how we became eightspace.

Our People

Our people are our biggest asset. We have a very talented and dedicated workforce with the skills to rise to any occasion. We continually strive for perfection in all we do, and through teamwork we are improving our services to our clients every year. Rest assured that our great team will work together seamlessly to care for your project from concept to completion.

Colin Dymond

Colin is one of our very dedicated eightspace project managers and is a bit of a workaholic. So much so in fact that he often takes his laptop and site drawings with him into the shower.

Bia Lorenzo

Bia adds a colourful South American flair to our design department and she is also organising our very first company carnival. (Wait till you see Dan’s sparkly outfit)

Anthony Mallard

When Anthony, our Production Manager, isn’t hard at work in our warehouse, he enjoys painting fine works of art. His most famous piece is entitled, ‘Polar bear eats marshmallows in snow storm’.

Andrew Ball

Andrew is such an accomplished salesman that he has successfully managed to sell ice-cream in Alaska, mittens in the Amazon and hairdryers to the International Bald Men’s Association.

Dan Jones

Dan manages our marketing material including our websites and blogposts. His real passion however is for the cinema, and to make him feel more at home we ensure the carpet around his desk is constantly sticky.

Dave Stanley

Dave is both the literal and metaphorical father figure of the office. He is also responsible for, and relied upon, to let us know when it’s Friday, without which we would surely work through till Saturday.

Garth Davey

On top of impressive financial management skills, Garth has extensive knowledge of lateral thinking puzzles, taxidermy and the exploits of Archibald Haddock.

Kasia Waleszczynska

Kasia is a very hard working member of our team, working in support of furniture sales and also heading up our in house cake investigation unit. They are currently investigating the disappearances of two chocolate fudges and a coffee and walnut.

Carlton Slegg

Carlton gained his exceptional sales proficiency and customer service skills by spending 6 months in the Tibetan Himalayas studying the ancient and mysterious art of architect whispering.

Dan Muraszko

When Dan isn’t writing up comprehensive quotes for customers, he can often be found playing the drums for the amusement of one or more intergalactic warlord’s.

Emma Betts

Emma has discovered a plus side to having both parents as teachers….she can embark on her ‘crazy’ educational interior designs with confidence, knowing that they will get meticulously examined at home for any flaws!

Daryl Stanley

Like all great and glorious leaders Daryl can be found at the head of the charge, banner held aloft as his followers are spurred on to victory by his rousing rhetoric, “Once more unto the breach my employees!”

Carissa Melvin

Enthusiastic and noisy, Carissa has not been known yet to speak below the 80 decibel level causing ongoing distress to the architect whispering Carlton

Fraser Thomson

Frasers original brand of easy going nature inter mixed with witty quips has had such a positive influence on the office, it is now available as a twelve part self-help course on cassette.

Lucy Knappett

Lucy is a crucial member of the accounts team and spends some of her time dealing with HMRC, much to her dismay. She has in fact become such a good negotiator that she is often called in to assist in the odd hostage situation or embassy siege.

Philippa Moss

It is a little known fact that aside from managing projects for eightspace, Philippa is a member of a secret and very ancient society of furniture designers, who are said to have created the very first sofa-bed way back in 1264 AD.

Rowan White

Rowan is often kept busy out on site, keeping on top of our projects whilst they are underway. Much like a racing pigeon, Rowan has an in built navigation system and so no matter how far away the job, he will always find his way back home.

Nick Clarke

Nick is the strong arm of the warehouse and one person we don’t want to pick a fight with! Fortunately we’ve never had to as he’s found furniture logistics a walk in the park compared to delivering lengths of oil pipeline to Scapa Flow.

Russell Gould

Typically, our purchasing manager Russell is calm and collected. However it is said that when the moons of Venus are perfectly aligned he begins to run around the office excitedly and jump onto the furniture.

Samantha Coole

Sam’s project support skills will ‘bowl’ you away. That’s a pun. We should probably mention that she’s good at bowling.

Vithi Siritharan

By day Vithi works in our accounts department but she also leads a secret life as an adventurer and obtainer of rare antiquities, whose travels have taken her as far as Eldorado and the lost city of Atlantis.

Bill Stanley

Being at the helm of Office Profile takes a lot of dedication and hard work especially at networking events. Just imagine the amount of champagne you’d have to drink. Bill manages to endure it, all for the greater good.

Jenna Spicer

Jenna leads our design department here at eightspace with a wealth of interior design knowledge. She is also fond of gardening and judging twirling and hopes to combine the two. We look forward to seeing vegetable dancing on our screens soon.

Angi Boucher-Clift

Angi helps ensure Office Profile projects run smoothly and efficiently. She has already swapped all company car tyres to super softs and managed to reduced pit stop times when out on appointments down to 3.2 seconds.

Gary Rodrigues

Gary is a real people person, perfect for his role in business development. In his time Gary won a Mauritian pool competition and met His Holiness the Pope. Though sadly on separate occasions.

Roger Thomson

Roger has amassed a wealth of office fit-out and furniture knowledge over the years so much so in fact that he hopes to one day publish a book entitled ‘A brief history of lumbar support and adjustable arm rests’

Saffron Douglas

Saffron is a hardworking and mild mannered member of the estimating team who also bears a suspiciously striking resemblance to the local masked vigilante and heroine ‘El Saffrone‘.

Michael Hetherington

Michael has done very well in his role as a project manager, much better than his brief foray into sheep herding where his inability to whistle caused a few communication issues with his ‘colleagues’.

Paula Millstone

Having a fitness trainer as a husband keeps Paula fit and healthy enabling her to stay on top of our deliveries & contractors in her role as Project Support. The weekly spinning classes are paying off with all the running around the warehouse she does.

Our Projects

Commercial Projects

2016 was an exciting year for Office Profile, completing some out-the-box design focused projects for clients such as RocketMill, Voom (Virgin Business), William Alexander and Techstars.  2017 promises to be even better!

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Educational Projects

Enchanted Forests and Dr Seuss libraries were just some of the inspirations our Design Team used in 2016 to bring learning spaces to life.  Keep an eye out during 2017 for more vibrant and productive environments!

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